Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Sri Lanka

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort is a simple and lovely hotel, built in the correct style of an old colonial villa, situated in a beautiful tropical garden which looks out on a kilometer-long white sandy beach in the south of Sri Lanka. 8 comfortable and conform to European standard welcome guests in an intimate atmosphere.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Specialized Center

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort aims to offer its guests authentic Ayurvedic treatments in a natural and familiar atmosphere. This high quality standards in the concept of the overall management has been confirmed by the Department of Ayurveda with a certificate, recognized only a few structures in Sri Lanka.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Sri Lanka

Ayurvedic Treatments

In a charming place you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga and Meditation. The unique location, away from busy streets, directly on the kilometer-long white sandy beach and with the continuous sound of the Indian Ocean, are the ideal condition for a successful Ayurvedic treatment!

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Come to discover the traditions, the colors and the unspoiled nature of Sri Lanka.


Kingdom Ayurveda Resort

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort specialized center in yoga meditation ayurveda Sri Lanka

We would like our interational guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay and unique Ayurvedic treatments at our health resort in an extraordinary atmosphere, combining the loving care in the realization of daily meals and bed always redone with fancy. Let us spoil you by our chef and enjoy the particular taste of one of the savory cuisines in the world. Get ready for the new suggestions of our Ayurvedic cooking.

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Kingdom Ayurveda Resort offers its guests holiday packages with ayurvedic treatments in order to restore the right balance of body, mind and soul, creating health and wellness.

Regeneration/Rejuvination Treatment: Stay of 2 weeks / Minimum 13 nights

Intensive cleansing Treatment: 3 weeks stay / Minimum 20 nights

Classic Panchakarma Treatment: Stay of 4 weeks and more / less than 27 nights

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To discover Ayurveda Massages - Treatments - Yoga - Meditation - Nutrition

From 08/9th to 22nd of June 2019

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