Sri Lanka, for its teardrop shape and its tropical vegetation is called the emerald green of the Indian Ocean.
It seems like a jewel not only for its beautiful unspoiled vegetation and its variety of animals still free but also for the warmth and smiles of the Sinhalese.

The people of Sri Lanka despite having been exploited by various European colonies and torn by a civil war with Tamils concluded recently, after nearly 25 years, now lives more serenely, seeing a brighter future thanks to tourism development.

The Sinhalese are mostly Buddhist (other minorities are Muslims, Hindus and Christians) and that is why the area is dotted with beautiful Buddhist temples in the green.

Sri Lanka has a varied territory, within a few kilometers you can see pristine tropical beaches and mountains with magnificent waterfalls.

The temperatures are relatively high (min 24 ° C MAX 31 ° C) with a temperature range up to 5 ° C.

Given these conditions, you will find a wide variety of exotic fruits, vegetables and various types of tea, you will be offered hot wherever you go, enjoying the hospitality of the Sinhalese.

Visiting the island you will see the great respect and sympathy that this population has towards tourists despite having a very simple life.

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