Kingdom Ayurveda Resort will suggest the following half-day excursions:


Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Dondra Lighthouse - Sri LankaDONDRA

A few kilometers from there, Dondra Kingdom occupies the strip of earth’s southernmost island. In addition to the lighthouse, which is the highest in Sri Lanka (54m), Dondra is well known for the great religious festivals held in July and August.



It is located about 7 km after Dikwella, on the coastal road, famous for the curious natural phenomenon known as BLOW-HOLE. The water enters a crack at the base of the cliff and then, forced by the pressure of waves, goes a long tunnel, then a 20 foot high jet exits at the top of the rock.



East of Matara, a short detour inland port WEHERAHENA, the temple, famous for its colossal statue of Buddha and the sacred subterranean room with paintings depicting scenes from history.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Statue of Buddha, WEHERAHENA temple - Sri Lanka


15 km from the Kingdom Resort, you can visit one of the most important cities of the island Matara. It was founded by Burgher, the European settlers who married Sinhalese women, whose descendants are the most active group of Sri Lankan society. Kilwala located at the mouth of the river, is an ancient city that dates back long before the Portuguese and Dutch settlers fortified. The fort of Matara, built by the Dutch, was destroyed by the Kandy and later rebuilt. The Star Fort is an example of military architecture during the British occupation that was later used for civilians and now houses a library. In Matara, we can also see colorful and rich markets.


This thriving town is 4km from the Kingdom Resort. This resort is famous because it houses the tallest Buddha in Sri Lanka and has the most beautiful and protected beaches in the island. A curiosity: Dick-Wella translated means Long Beach.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Long white beach, Dickwella, Sri Lanka


The Mulkirigala hills are home to one of the oldest monasteries of the island surrounded by a lush vegetation. Climbing the hundreds of steps meet the caves that house the statues of reclining buddha, sitting and standing position, you can also admire some beautiful frescoes. Perched on top of the cliff, there is a small dagoba which has panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

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