Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Sri Lanka flag

  • Time: 5 hours and a half ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
  • Climate: tropical all year round with temperatures between 25 °C and 31 °C, between November and April it is hot and dry, between May and October short intense rains which do not give great nuisance to tourists.
  • Vaccinations and documents: no compulsory vaccination.
  • The passport must be valid at least six months from the date of entry. You can stay, with a visa issued at the airport (about 20€), up to a maximum of 30 days.
  • Currency: Sri Lankan rupee (150 rupees equals about 1 euro). Exchange offices are easily found.
  • Health care: hygiene at Kingdom Resort is excellent. It is advisable for the whole stay to drink only boiled water or bottled water and avoid raw foods.
  • Tipping: tipping is used a lot in the tourism sector.
  • Electricity: 220W and English-type sockets with three holes.
  • Customs to be met: the entrance to the temples is allowed only by removing shoes and hat.
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