Kingdom Ayurveda Resort will suggest the following trips from one day:


Galle is the most important city of the southern coast and is about 65km from the Kingdom Resort. It has about 100,000 inhabitants, many of them descendants of the Arabs (among the first to land there), currently skilled craftsmen and traders. The already considerable importance increased when it became a dominion of Portugal (1597) and even more in 1643 with the Dutch, which remain the bastions of the larger high of 1663, and the colonial style houses in northern Europe.

Galle is bounded by walls, ramparts which comprise the old town boasting some fine public buildings, such as the court, the Groote Kerk, the Rest-hause Closemberg which was the residence of Governors and the hotel New Oriental, which preserves the atmosphere of the exotic colonial period with furniture and paintings of the time, and where it is worth going just to drink tea.

Galle remained, until 1880, the most important port of the island. Today it is Columbus. Well known are the shops of ebony, lace and gem cutting of local artisans.

Back from the coast between Galle and Weligama Koggalla, you can see fishermen on stilts.


kingdom-ayurveda-resort-sri-lanka-yala-national-parkYALA NATIONAL PARK

Very important and rich in wildlife, home to elephants, leopards, bears, crocodiles, wild boars, deer and many varieties of birds. A great place for nature lovers and photo safaris.



The largest city in south-east has a well protected place where you can fish. Just outside the city there are salt works, employing local people in addition to fishing and agriculture. Also in this area you can enjoy a great curd (yoghurt from buffalo milk).

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