Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Resort presentation and rooms details

The Kingdom Ayurveda Resort is located on the Southern tip of Sri Lanka between the towns of Matara and Tangalle at the beach of the small village Kottegoda. The resort is open to all guests who appreciate a small and familiar atmosphere in a spa facility. The unique location directly at the kilometer long white sandy beach is really a special feature. Here, far away from the bustle of busy streets, you can only hear the continuous swooshing of the Indian Ocean. This is the perfect precondition for a successful Ayurveda treatment.

The beautiful guesthouse built in proper style of an old colonial mansion is nestled in a landscaped tropical garden. Eight lovely furnished guest rooms are available, each with a bathroom that meets European standard. Each of the eight rooms has a spacious balcony or terrace with a wonderful sea view. You can choose between two room categories.


Standard room
The four standard room are located on the first floor of the main building and have a big balcony with a comfortable seating and direct sea view. A ventilator cares for a pleasant indoor climate.

Double rooms have a big queen-size bed; the single room has a big single bed. A mosquito net is spanned over all beds. A wardrobe, a desk with place to keep, a luggage stand as well as table and chair complete the furnishing of the room.

Superior room
Superior rooms are a bit larger and located either on the first floor or on ground floor. On the first floor rooms have a balcony with an adjacent big terrace; on the ground floor, a comfortable loggia invites for relaxed leisure. All rooms are equipped with a queen-size bed spanned with a mosquito net. A ventilator cares for a pleasant indoor climate. With demand, you can individually regulate the air condition every time. A wardrobe, a desk with place to keep, a luggage stand as well as table and chair complete the furnishing of the room.

Arrival / Departure

The booking of your room will be done depending on arrival and departure of the airline you have chosen. Mostly, guests arrive at Colombo airport early in the morning or forenoon. Our driver will meet you at the airport and drive you safely via the new highway to the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort. Usually, all guests will have a relaxing “Welcome Massage”, depending on flight times on the day of arrival or a soothing “Say Good-Bye-Massage” on the day of departure. The first consultation will usually take place after a quiet night in the morning after the day of arrival. Then you have already acclimatized a bit. Two days before your return trip, Mr. Lal organizes your transfer back to the airport. The passenger is responsible for himself for the timely check-in and boarding, and therefore we schedule enough time for the transfer. You will be picked up at the resort approximately six hours before departure.

Information for all rooms

A comfortable mattress ensures peaceful sleep. There are bedside shelves right and left for light and books, a spacious wardrobe with safe, compact luggage rack and cosmetic desk with mirror. In each room, you will find table and chair for little paperwork. The bathroom is equipped with shower; a glass wall with door separates the shower area from sink and toilet.

Two persons always occupy one room. Unfortunately, there is no place in the rooms for an extra bed. If you are traveling alone, we recommend that you book a single room with a single bed in the standard category. On request, all other rooms are available for single use, as well. Please refer to the corresponding table regarding prices.

In every bathroom, you will find hair shampoo, soap and Ayurvedic dental care. Towels and sheets are changed regularly. There are freshly washed sarongs and Ayurvedic bath towels for the oil treatments daily available. They may become oily. There is no hair dryer in the bathroom.


Rooms are available on arrival from 2 p.m.

Should your flight arrive early in the morning in Sri Lanka, you will surely arrive at the resort with the limousine service before check-in time. Depending on the time of day, you will have a breakfast and / or lunch and you are welcome to use the lounge chairs in the garden for relaxation.


On the day of departure, you must vacate the room by 11.00 p.m.

If your return flight leaves Colombo in the evening, luggage is stored. The garden and all common areas of the resort are freely available for you. Depending on the time of day, we serve a lunch or dinner/snack. You can change your clothes for traveling in the public bathroom prior departure.

Early-Check-In / Late Check-Out

If you want to stay longer in your room, please talk to our manager Mr. Lal on site. Depending on the availability of rooms, the room is immediately available or indeed until 6 p.m. You will have to pay the incurring costs (€ 30.00 per person) on site upon departure. In high season, we cannot guarantee for this arrangement.

If you want to enjoy your stay including all treatments up to the last minute, we recommend booking an extra night.


  • Accommodation in the booked room category.
  • Ayurvedic full board individually matched to the constitutional type and treatment process.
  • Welcome massage on arrival or Say-Good-Bye massage on departure.
  • First consultation with anamnesis and pulse diagnosis.
  • Determination of constitution and daily consultation with the Ayurveda doctor.
  • Daily treatments (up to 70 treatments during a stay of 14 days).
  • Final consultation and nutrition advice with individual recommendations for home.
  • Herbal teas, hot water or mineral water.
  • Freshly made fruit juice, lassi or Tambili (coconut juice).
  • German translation at any time.
  • Medically prescribed medicine during the spa treatment.
  • Yoga (six times a week).
  • Meditation on request.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Specialized Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation Center in Sri LankaRegeneration/Rejuvination

Stay of 2 weeks / Minimum 13 nights

Initially, the first consultation is with our doctors that determine the course of treatment. You get a recovery supported by herbal medicine as well as a nutrition plan according to your needs. Depending on the constitution, you will have a cleaning day (Virechena) and afterwards tissue-strengthening treatments.

Intensive cleansing

3 weeks stay / Minimum 20 nights

During this time, we can intensify the program of regeneration during the treatment process. There is plenty of time to prepare for the cleansing day as well as intensive, restorative measures according to your constitution and the Doshas to be balanced.

Classic Panchakarma treatment

Stay of 4 weeks and more / less than 27 nights

During this time, the medical team together with the therapists access back to the full range of Panchakarma treatments. The timeframe allows gentle preparation for the cleansing day and leaves enough room for a rising, intensive strengthening phase. Mostly, first successes occur immediately, deep noticeable improvement arise within the last quarter of the treatment.


The day after your arrival, our Ayurveda doctor does an intensive check-up using different methods such as the pulse diagnosis, tongue- and iris diagnosis. An experienced Ayurveda doctor can determine precisely by checking the pulse in what state your Doshas are and where there is an imbalance. He will determine in an interview as well as the assessment of your physical characteristics such as skin, hair and finger nails your constitutional type. In addition, doctors also ask for your environment you live in. On this basis, they create an individual treatment plan precisely patient-tailored.

This treatment is fascinating as our “Vaidya” –the Ayurveda doctor– almost does not use medical instruments to make this diagnosis. The main task of our doctors consists of selecting of the wealth of possible treatments of the Panchakarma therapy that suits you. The therapy will be monitored daily during the treatment and as needed will be adapted in case of changes during the treatment. Thus, we ensure that every guest receives all available sorts of healing treatments.

We offer our guests an authentic and traditional Ayurveda treatment and distinguish us positively from many other resorts on Sri Lanka.


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