Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Auyrvedic Cusine

An important focus in Ayurveda is nutrition

Improper nutrition is the cause of many diseases. Conversely, a freshly prepared, finely flavored nutrition matched to the constitution can precisely support the success of your treatment significantly.

The doctors work together with the chefs Madushanke and Nilanthe creating an individual menu for you. The menu is an additional part of your treatment plan. Nevertheless, you do not have to give up tasty treat to reach 100% of your Ayurvedic goals. This distinguihes the Ayurvedic cuisine from other dietary restrictions.

At lunch our doctors explain the list of ingredients and their effects in our body as well as the positive influence on the healing process.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Restaurant The meals at the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort take place on fixed dates in the open restaurant and are freshly prepared every day. The attentive service serve them at your table. The guest can completely relax and enjoy the meal calmly. Breakfast should be light and easily digestible. Here, the chefs select from a wide range of fresh, ripe fruits of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. In addition to that, there is an optional hot herb soup, freshly baked rotis with palm syrup or gently steamed legumes, which are rich in minerals and proteins. Lunch is a colorful plate with some raw vegetables, freshly cooked vegetable curries and rice. A small dessert satisfies the sweet taste. Dinner consists of a vegetable soup, a selection of vegetables and sometimes a bit of fish. A light dessert completes the taste experience at the evening. Our chefs are very creative and visionary implement the Ayurvedic principles into the cuisine.

Our chef Nilanthe

Nilanthe is cook by vocation and dedicates with great passion, patience and care of healthy cuisine in Ayurveda. Repeatedly, he creates new recipes to kidnap our guests in the variety of Ayurvedic cuisine here in Sri Lanka. Nilanthe promises to activate every sense with its finely composed meals. A small insight into his art of cooking, we offer you a small insight of recipes on this page.

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Auyrvedic Cusine - Chef Nilanthe

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Cucina Ayurvedica

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