The Ayurvedic Treatment on Kingdom Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda treatments distinguish between internal and external ones. Therapies are always gentle and pleasant. They do not fight against symptoms, but strengthen body and soul, so that the patient will become healthy from inside.

The inner treatment concept uses remedies and food. Formulations of herbs, roots, fruits, flowers or bark are prepared and dosed individually depending on the constitution and disease of each guest. The external therapy uses massages, baths and other. Below you will find a small selection of different treatments that can be used.

Abhyanga “Loving hands”

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Ayurvedic massage treatment

Abhyanga is the queen of all massages and a classical Ayurvedic full-body oil massage that is usually carried out smoothly and mostly with four hands of two therapists. It eases or releases from fatigue, exhaustion, tensions and has a rejuvenating effect on all body tissues (dhatus). This massage strengthens muscles and joints as well as nerves via the skin by opening the numerous body channels (Srotas) to remove accumulations of toxins (ama) via the skin. Moreover, Abhyanga supports together with the accompanying Panchakarma measures Virechana, the recovery of stucked inner body toxins via the stomach and intestine.

The therapeutic effect of the whole-body oil massage reduces VATA of diseases such as arthritis and paralysis, because the blood flow is stimulated in the body tissues affected previously by the disease. The doctor determines the massage oil and depends on the clinical picture as well as the predominating or increased Dosha (bio-energy) of the patient.


The Ayurvedic eye bath is a very pleasant experience. It soothes overstrained and tired eyes, has a cooling effect, and moisturizes dry eyes. The result is a clear view.


Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Ayurvedic treatment - oil on the head

The head or forehead oil treatment is a smooth flow of a fine oil jet on the forehead while you are in a relaxed dorsal position with covered eyes for protection. Thereafter, the upper back and neck are massaged. The oil jet flows in a prescribed pattern slowly over the forehead. The treatment usually lasts 20-30 minutes.

The effect of this treatment is very intense. It calms your mind and reduces the VATA-Dosha. It improves the ability to see and hear, strengthens your hair and prevents hair loss and early graying. It helps to overcome insomnia, inner restlessness, depression, anxiety, concern and other mental problems. Furthermore, memory is improved.


This Ayurvedic head enema is only executed if necessary according to the doctor. Slightly warmed medical oil and herbs are applied with the aid of a cap on the head. Its edges must be fixed very well. The oil remains there to operate well. Once mucus comes up in the nose and mouth of the patient, the therapy has achieved its goal. After removing the cap, there is an approximately 5-minute massage of shoulders and upper back.

Usually, this treatment is used in case of VATA disorders in the head area, as severe headache, migraine, ear pain, mental disorders, insomnia and tinnitus.


Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Ayurvedic treatment - Steam bath

A therapeutic measure is sweating or steam bath, which is administered after a full body massage or a similar oil treatment. Stucked toxins melt and are released due to the warm influence and pores open. The cleaning and recovery process towards the digestive tract, as well as our largest organ, the skin, is stimulated. The traditional heat treatment requires a clear and cool head.


Pizhichil – the royal therapy

This is a combination of a full body massage and heat treatment, very comfortable for the patient. Up to 30 minutes, warm oil flows over the body and then two therapists synchronously massage it with gentle movements into your skin. The oil has the temperature of our body and the effect of the herbal ingredients can thus unfold perfectly. The comforting temperatures of Sri Lanka support the treatment in a natural way. Despite a relaxing mode, the patient is surrounded by pleasant warmth.

The autonomic nervous system is smoothly harmonized and an increased VATA undergoes the necessary grounding with a lot of oil.

Pinda Sveda – herbal pouches

 Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Ayurvedic treatment - massage with linen bags

The herbal pouches are the most famous massage and sweating therapies. First, the body is oiled and massaged. The treatment is then proceeded with warm rice bags. The whole body is knocked off and streaked with hot linen bags. In the bags are herbs, spices and special rice decoctions.

This therapy causes stimulation of the cell regeneration and is primarily used for disorders of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis, degeneration of muscle tissue and injuries. Pinda Sveda belongs to the group of rejuvenating treatments, because they tighten the tissue, promote cell regeneration, and enhance the mental vitality.


This nose and head treatment is one of the five Panchakarma therapies. It cleans the nose and paranasal sinuses, frontal sinus and the throat. This cleaning is performed through the nostrils, since here there is the only access to the fine channels of the head area. The therapists prepare this treatment with inhalation and head-pouch-massages.

Nasyam helps to solve problems with the throat and neck, such as migraine, headache, chronic colds but also asthma and epilepsy.

Virechana – Cleansing day

After the preparatory treatments, the doctor will decide on your cleaning day based on the pulse diagnosis. Virechana is also one of the five Panchakarma therapies. Guests spend the Virechana day in their rooms. According to your constitution, you will receive a laxative in the morning. As a drink, only hot water at intervals of 15-30 minutes is recommended. You are not allowed to take a shower and to do any physical activity – only short walks in the garden or on the floor support the bowel cleansing. Guests will have rice soup and after defecation fresh coconut juice (Tambili). Showering is allowed in the evening. The next day patients will have light food.

Foot Reflexology – Antonio Ranalli method

Foot ReflexologyAntonio Ranalli after long years of study and work experience in different countries (Italy, China, India, Thailand, Tibet) has developed a new method of foot Reflexology. This method combines the qualities of the Chinese reflexology, Indian and European.

This technique allows you to quickly observe the energy imbalance (chakras), which is created in the human body at the level of body, mind and emotions.

The massage brings the body to a state of equilibrium, acting on reflex zones that are located in the feet and which are in connection with all parts of the body.

Antonio with his experience, was able to observe that this technique helps to reduce stress, insomnia, muscle tension and pain.

In Sri Lanka, Catherine Barcheri, owner of Kingdom Ayurveda Resort, chose this massage to melt with the ancient Ayurvedic medicine that is practiced already in the Resort to offer its guests only the best !!

Marma Massage

Nowadays we know that to have a healthy, efficient body and to live a pleasant and satisfying life, our vital energy should flow freely in the body. Already the ancient Indians knew that there are energy channels in the body, called Nadi, within which this energy, called Shakti, flows. They knew that if this energy flows slowly or is blocked, the body manifests symptoms of discomfort.

The Marma Massage has been applied for thousands of years in Ayurveda, to balance the flow of the vital energy. This type of massage is performed by applying digital pressure and circular massage on the energy points, called Marma. Marma in Sanskrit means “Secret” meaning a hidden energy enclosed in some anatomic points which have vital importance. These points are throughout the body and are the same as used in acupuncture.

Nowadays this massage has been refined and improved to be applied for the physical and energetic issues typical of our current life, such as: cervical arthritis, headache, backache, etc. Marma Massage Therapy is composed of the digital pressure of the energy points, the stimulation of the energy channels and the muscular massage along them by the application of medicated oil. The therapy is applicable on the whole body or on parts of it, depending on the needs; this allows the ayurvedic massage even deeper by working on the excess of Doshas.

Unlike other kinds of massage, it is also applicable in the presence of recent pains, inflammations or traumas. The duration of the full massage is one hour. This year the Therapists of the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort have been instructed, according to the Antonio Ranalli Method, to practice this therapy based on the massage of Marma points to give better service and health to our customers.


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