Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - specialized Yoga and Meditation Centre

Upon completion of the Ayurveda practice, the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort offers one hour of Yoga and one hour of Meditation a day that it requires no previous knowledge.

In tropical gardens overlooking the Indian Ocean at the resort, guests can experience every day yoga and meditation:

  • Yoga exercises help to improve the psycho-physical balance and relax the mind and body as well as make it more elastic,
  • Meditation helps to discipline the mind and intellect, combat daily stress, harmonize emotions, and you can receive information on correct posture, practicing effective breathing and concentration exercises.

Our yoga teacher and meditation, Nisath Jayasuriya taught Hatha Yoga for seven years for members of all ages with BKS Iyengar tradition. He studied Hatha Yoga at the school of training Nanda Sri Yoga Hatha in Sri Lanka and completed his training with the technical course “Yoga and Relaxation” at Tha Gampaha Wickramarachi Ayurveda Institute Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka.

Bhante Kris

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Specialized Yoga and Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka

Bhante Kris is our much valued spiritual adviser and meditation teacher. Since 2008, when he became a Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition, he gained important experiences in various Buddhist temples in Thailand, Indie, Sri Lanka, also in England and Germany.

Already during his youth in Poland he has been interested in anthroposophical teachings and alternative healing therapies. He dealt with thematic areas like geomancy, medicine, natural laws, psychology und philosophy. His knowledge expanded continuously through his own life experience and self-development, it relates to food, nutrition, therapeutic fasting, Ayurveda, yoga, healing energy, evolutionary astrology and of course Buddhist philosophy und psychology.

All these methods help us to understand and to overcome illness. We can find the origin of our health problems in our behaviours, thoughts and perceptions. Healing is the purpose of our journey and can only come from one’s own self, true self-knowledge and self-love, as well as love and wisdom in dealing with others.

Bhante Kris devotes himself lovingly to the people he meets and to guides them individually on the path of their healing process. He combines practical and spiritual healing methods in an efficient way. In the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort he offers our guests an opportunity to either participate in group discussions or sit together for individual conversation. In addition to his native language he also speaks German and English. Beyond that one can visit local Buddhist temple with him and attend the chanting of the monks. The positive charisma of Bhante Kris, his warm-hearted and joyful nature gives us a special sense of harmony and happiness.

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