Kingdom Ayurveda Resort - Specialized center in Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka

Caterina Barcheri
Caterina Barcheri

In 2011, the Italian Caterina Barcheri opened the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort and completely renovated the resort in 2015. She follows her vision to provide her guests a deeply penetrating Ayurveda treatment at one of the most beautiful places in the south of the island previously untouched by tourism. Human beings are full of energy and charisma and can meet all challenges of life when body, mind and soul sound in unison and meet with the rhythm of nature.

Therefore, a familiar hospitality has a top priority for Caterina and the well-being of guests in their time at this beautiful resort is very important to her. She comes across all people in their Resort with great affection and respect. Caterina also takes the time for her guests, because this liaison means balance and relaxation of the everyday hotel management. She loves daily yoga classes with ADITYA, our experienced yoga teacher. Her employees appreciate her balanced boss as well as her open and friendly nature.

Mr. Lal – Manager

Caterina knows how important a good working environment is for a successful Ayurveda Resort. She is listening to any request patiently and attentively and finds a solution for all challenges.

Since years, Mr. Nawurunnagei Jayalath Lal has been working in the hotel business and gained significant experience in the field of hospitality services during his numerous trips abroad. He speaks fluent English, Italian and Dhivehi (Maldivian language). As a manager at the side of Caterina, here at the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort he has now found his life’s work and is the good spirit of the house. The contact with the foreign guests makes him a lot of fun. With its open and charming nature, he very quickly conquers the hearts of all guests of the resort and his smile immediately puts up the sun in the hearts of our guests. He likes to meet the diverse needs, e.g. special tips for exquisite shopping trips, the planning of smaller excursions to nearby attractions or explanations about religion and culture of his homeland. Our Mister Lal knows the habits of the island very well and he is always happy to help our guests.

Our staff


We would like our interational guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay at our health resort in an extraordinary atmosphere. This is the guiding principle for all employees at our resort. Room service, including the entire house laundry is done by Karunaseehli and Kusumalatha blameless since the opening reliably. The workload is enormous, but there is still enough time for a smile for every guest. The service in the restaurant and the kitchen take Ushan and Ishan with great calm and restraint and genuine friendliness. Our gardener Piyathilaka sensitively takes care of our neat garden. He helps you to put the sun lounger in the shade or protects the guests from little rain showers. Our Resort Security Nimal is responsible for your safety.


The team of doctors

Two experienced doctors are currently responsible for the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort and guarantee the flow of an authentic treatment at a resort for European guests. Both doctors have great experiences in the treatment of typical diseases of the modern world in Europe, allowing them empathize with our situations in daily life very well. This is an important prerequisite for a sustainable full-service support of all guests and their work-life balance. Furthermore, our doctrors have the official certification for a complete Panchakarma with all special treatment fields. For our guests, this means optimal care in the medical field with two top-qualified experts in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.

Mr. Dr. Damitha Prameeth Uyangoda

Ayurveda Kingdom Resort Sri Lanka - Dr. Damathi - Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda finds its origin from the observation of nature and their formative influence on our entire lives. This basic principle is the leitmotif of his work with Ayurveda. If we are approaching these processes given by nature again and perceive its effects on us deliberately, we are on the path of health or healing in case diseases have already became manifested. Dr. Damitha studied at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and successfully graduated with the Bachelor BAMS (HONS). Additional trainings such as physiotherapy, Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic beauty programs and the job as instructor at the Anatomical Department of Indigenous Medicine are the testimony of an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge. Currently, he is working as a doctor in Ayurveda clinic in Galle, as well.

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