The stay at the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort includes:

  • First consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor; anamnese with pulse diagnosis
  • All Ayurvedic therapies like massages, wraps, herbal medicine, steam bath, face pack, powder massage etc.
  • Daily consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor
  • freshly prepared herbal remidies and ayurvedic medicine
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments (around 70 treatments if you stay 14 days); Optional Acupuncture
  • A t the end of the stay a detailed last consultation with advices to the lifestyle habbits of the patient
  • Nutritional advice from the ayurvedic doctor tailored to bring balance to a person’s Doshas
  • Full board accommodation: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fresh herbal tea with herbs, spices and teas
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juice, Lassi oder Thambili (the juice from King Coconut) depends on the doctor’s recommendation
  • Yoga sessions 6 times a week
  • Meditation class every day with monk Banthe Kris
  • Towels and sarongs for Ayurvedic treatments
  • Free WiFi in the lobby
  • Free access to the park and the beach

Price List valid from 01 October 2017 to 30 April 2018

Room1 nightPackage 7 nightsPackage 14 nightsPackage 21 nights
Single Standard Room€ 120.00€ 810.00€ 1615.00€ 2420.00
Standard double room€ 104.00€ 698.00€ 1391.00€ 2084.00
Standard double (single use)€ 130.00€ 880.00€ 1755.00€ 2630.00
Superior Double Room€ 120.00€ 810.00€ 1615.00€ 2420.00
Double Superior (single use)€ 145.00€ 985.00€ 1965.00€ 2945.00

The prices shown are per person.

Summer Special Price

Price List effective from 01  May 2017 to 30 September 2017

Room1 nightPackage 13 nightsPackage 21 nightsPackage 28 nights
Single Standard Room€ 90.00€ 1170.00€ 1650.00€ 2160.00
Standard double room€ 74.00€ 961.00€ 1254.00€ 1772.00
Standard double (single use)€ 100.00€ 1300.00€ 1700.00€ 2400.00
Superior Double Room€ 90.00€ 1170.00€ 1650.00€ 2160.00
Double Superior (single use)€ 115.00€ 1495.00€ 1950.00€ 2760.00

The prices shown are per person.

Offer valid for a minimum of 13 nights stay. For stays of 21 or 28 nights prices will be further advantageous.

Services included in the room Comfort:

  • Terrace
  • Bathroom with shower and WC
  • Single bed
  • Fan
  • Terrace
  • Bathroom with shower and WC
  • Double bed (Queensize)
  • Fan

Services included in the Superior Room:

  • large Terrace
  • Bathroom with shower and WC
  • Double bed (Queensize)
  • Conditioned air
  • Fan

Payment methods

By bank transfer or cash at the Resort.

Deposit of 30% as a deposit at time of booking (non-refundable).

ATM cash

Possibility of using ATM to ATM cash withdrawal, with the approval of your bank. The nearest ATM is located about 4 km from Ayurveda Resort

For more informations or booking please contact us.

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